Webinar Series Registration: Keys to Effective Strategic Account Planning | June 24 - October 31, 2020 

Driving Account Growth and Measuring the Impact of Account Plan Execution - september 29, 2020 10:00am - 11:30am  Central Time (US and Canada) 

SAMA is delighted to offer our members this webinar series focused on how top performers drive successful account growth through SAM and KAM best practices. In The Keys to Effective Strategic Account Planning (2nd Edition), Steve Andersen, Craig Jones and Todd Lenhart of Performance Methods, Inc. (PMI), leverage their experience with the SAMA community to provide participants with a contemporary view of what great account planning and management looks like.

The authors’ extensive experience working with organizations committed to strategic and key account management excellence forms the basis for this updated and expanded second edition, unpacking critical components of modern strategic and key account management. The flow of topics and examples engages readers in a journey rich with insights, practical takeaways and commentary from acknowledged thought leaders and practitioners from across SAMA’s global membership.

Register for the complete series, which will run monthly from June through October, and we will send you The Keys to Effective Strategic Account Planning (2nd Edition) e-book as a bonus! Can’t make all the sessions? We’ve got you covered: As with all of our webinars, the recordings will be sent right to your inbox and on-demand for your convenience.

Webinar #4: Driving Account Growth and Measuring the Impact of Account Plan Execution
Tuesday, September 29, 2020 

SAMA community members all share at least one common objective: to become more strategic to their most important customers. This webinar will unpack and examine how the most successful SAMs and KAMs drive proactive growth within their accounts through the development and implementation of effective growth strategies. Participants will be provided “how to” insights and takeaways to help you:

• Leverage your past proven value to identify targets for account growth and expansion.
• Develop account growth strategies that are aligned with customer objectives and success.
• Measure account planning impact with metrics that matter to you and your customer.
• Pressure test your account plan to ensure it is focused, achievable, realistic and balanced.

From the insights gained through a rich history of engagement with SAMA’s best-in-class organizations, PMI has designed and developed a practical and scalable methodology for implementing and sustaining strategic account planning and management best practices: The Keys to Effective Strategic Account Planning. 

This webinar is part four in the SAMA-PMI webinar series on our SAM planning and management methodology. Register for this webinar and not only will you get access to parts 1 through 3 but we will send you a complimentary copy of the e-book “The Keys to Effective Strategic Account Planning (2nd Ed.).

Webinar #3: Focusing Account Planning on Value Co-Creation and Customer Success
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This webinar will unpack the core components of effective account planning and management and examine how the most successful SAMs and KAMs co-create mutual value, develop customer sponsors and supporters, and build momentum for growth through realization of past proven value. Participants will be provided “how-to” insights and takeaways to help:
• Communicate and articulate value with strategic and key accounts
• Position your solutions and differentiate your unique business value
• Develop and leverage your network of customer sponsors and supporters
• Build momentum for growth based on customer success and past proven value

Webinar #2: Co-discovering what your customer values
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In this webinar, we will focus on the art and science of value co-discovery. Understanding what matters most to your customer and aligning with the customer’s objectives are critical in developing new opportunities within your account. Panelists Lisa Maggiore of Hilton Worldwide and Mike Holbrow of Honeywell will share best practices gleaned from their long careers working with strategic accounts.

Attendees will walk away with actionable insights into:
Equipping your account team members with the skills to enable value co-creation
Aligning your company’s’ objectives with your customer’s objectives
Engaging in new opportunities focused on value -- as your customer defines it

Webinar #1: Building a Strong Foundation for Account-Planning Success
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This webinar will unpack the core components of effective account planning and management and examine how the most successful SAMs and KAMs ensure they’ve established a strong foundation for driving account growth. As a participant, you will receive “how-to” insights and takeaways to help you:
Navigate the four impact zones of contemporary account planning
Benchmark and assess your account
Engage and align your cross-functional account team

Assess and develop trust-based customer relationships



dino bertani

Dino Bertani works at Allergan Aesthetics, an AbbVie company, as Executive Director to lead the establishment and enhancement of Strategic Account Management and Customer Solutions across its international priority markets. Before joining Allergan at the end of 2017, Dino worked for 11 years at MSD (Merck & Co.) in local, regional and global roles with increasing responsibility in Marketing & Sales Management, Commercial Excellence and Customer Centricity. Among his former roles Dino lead the roll-out of the Customer Centricity strategy across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Canada before managing the company’s global priority accounts in the public sector. During this time Dino also completed SAMA’s Certified Strategic Account Management Program.

Prior to MSD Dino started his career in Pharma Marketing at Pfizer as Product Manager for the CNS portfolio & Lipitor and gained General Management experience at Bain & Company as Strategy Consultant. Dino holds a Master of Science in Biochemistry and lives in Zurich, Switzerland.


Todd Lenhart

Todd Lenhart is a sales executive with over 25 years of experience in sales, sales management, corporate leadership, strategic planning, negotiations, and strategy execution. He brings a broad business background to PMI with extensive executive involvement working in and consulting with large multinational corporations. His corporate experience in sales and as a CLO coupled with his technical background as a CPA provide a unique perspective on the challenges facing sales leadership today and the solutions that help leading companies maximize every aspect of the customer engagement life cycle.


steve andersen

Steve Andersen founded Performance Methods, Inc. following a successful 20-year technology career within the high-growth business applications software industry. As President and Founder, he is involved in client projects, solution development and establishing strategic direction for PMI.

Steve served as “senior sales executive” multiple times during his career, and his background includes extensive experience in sales, sales management and sales leadership. He is the primary architect of Performance Methods’ Keys to Effective Strategic Account Planning Methodology™, Integrated Opportunity Management Methodology™, Customer Engagement Methodology™, Collaborative Planning Methodology™, SAM Portfolio™ and Engage/Win/Grow™ customer engagement methodology.

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