SAMA Corporate Member Symposium:
What Great SAM Looks Like and How It Impacts the Organization

July 27, 2021 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM   Central Time (US and Canada)

Date: July 27
Time: 9 am CST – 11 am CST
Audience: SAMA Corporate Members
Price: Free

Recommended audience: SAMs/KAMs/GAMs, cross-functional account team members, Salespeople, managers and directors of SAMs/KAMs/GAMs, SAM program heads, Senior sales and CX leadership

Presenters: Performance Methods, Inc. (PMI), TBD; Senior SAM practitioner from SAMA corporate membership TBD; SAM program leader TBD

How are leading companies driving significant value co-creation through the implementation of account planning and management best practices across their organizations? This symposium will focus on the characteristics of the most successful implementations of strategic, key and global account management within the SAMA community of practice.

Attendees will walk away with answers to the following questions:

     • What do the most effective SAMs do that distinguishes them from others, both with their customers and with their account teams?

     • What do the most effective SAM managers and program heads do to coach and develop high levels of SAM performance?

     • What is the impact of great strategic account management on the organizations that implement and sustain high-performing SAM programs?

    • What is the value of great SAM and high-performing account managers and teams to their customers?

     • What can you do to take your SAM program and account managers to the next level of effectiveness?

Specific areas of emphasis will include how value co-discovery, co-creation and realization can drive customer loyalty and competitive advantage, as well as the importance of engaging cross-functional teams in the SAM process for greater alignment and relationship expansion with customer stakeholders.


More information TBD

CEO, The Summit Group

As CEO of The Summit Group, Phil is a recognized thought leader on business value transformation as part of the go-to-market strategies of some of the world’s premier sales consulting firms, both in the public and private sectors. In addition to his keynote presentations and engaging programs, Phil serves as a coach, mentor, consultant, and advisor to top leaders across a range of industries. He has delivered sessions in over 40 countries.

Phil has served on the Board of Directors for SAMA (Strategic Account Management Association) and also leads the CEO Forum as part of the annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. He is on the board of OppSource, an AI-guided sales platform developer, and a board advisor for Nanocopoeia, Fourteen Foods, and The Frauenshuh Companies. Phil is also a founding board member of the Minnesota Silent Warrior Project, an initiative to support veterans with PTSD. Mr. Styrlund is also one of the co-founders of The International Journal of Sales Transformation, based in London.

Phil has written for, or been cited in, articles in leading publications that include: The Wall Street Journal, The National Account Management Journal, The Los Angeles Times, Inc., Fast Company, as well as in several best-selling books including Adversity Quotient and The Power of Purpose. In 2014, the book Relevance: Matter More was released; co-written by Phil. He is also a contributing author to the recently released book Crisis of Disengagement: How Apathy, Complacency, and Selfishness Are Destroying Today’s Workplace.

His career includes key leadership positions with US West and ADC Telecommunications. Phil also teaches in various university and executive education programs and has master’s degrees in Business Administration and Telecommunications Science.

Phil resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Santa Barbara, California.

Dr. Fred Kiel

Co-Founder, KRW International

Fred Kiel, PhD, and the KRW research team have drawn international attention to the critical issue of leadership character—which is the source-code of organizational success. His team’s groundbreaking research on the connection between the character of senior leadership and profitability is re-setting organizational expectations. The associated data measurement and predictive analytic tools that have sprung from this research are used worldwide by both executive teams and corporate boards.

The results of this research is reported in Return on Character: The Real Reason Leaders and Their Companies Win (Harvard Business Review Press, 2015).

Fred is the co-author of the influential book, Moral Intelligence and a seasoned speaker. His popular TEDxTalk, “Psychopaths in the C-suite,” has drawn international attention to the critical issue of leadership character.

Fred co-founded KRW International and for more than 40 years Fred and his colleagues have guided Fortune 500 companies in their journey to accelerate business success through principled leadership. The foundation of KRW International’s model is a rigorous data-gathering and customized development process designed to provide transformative insight and growth. As a result, Fred is recognized as one of the pioneers of the field of executive coaching.

Fred believes in a world where Leadership Character is fundamental to business education programs and performance evaluation processes...a world where “who” a leader is receives as much attention as “what” the leader is trained to do.

Selected Publications, Presentations, and Speaking Engagements

Character Recognition Awards luncheon. Learning and Leadership Development Conference Keynote. May 2018.
Human Capital Institute Keynote. Learning & Leadership Development Conference Keynote. September 2018
ECI Annual Conference Keynote. The Unique Impact of Executive Character on Business Results. April 2017.
Harvard Partners Meeting Keynote. Character: The Foundation for Emotional Intelligence. June 2017.
Harvard Business Review. “Measuring the Return on Character.” April 2015.
Forbes. “Why Investors Rank New Businesses By Leader Quality.” April 2015.
CNBC Squawk Box. “CEO Character: Key to the Bottom Line.” May 2015.
NPR Marketplace. “Why So Many Bosses are Jerks.” December 2015

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