Webinar Registration:  Be a Student of Your Customer

March 25, 2024 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM   Central Time (US and Canada)

Selling value is tougher than it’s ever been.  If we sell value, it’s not enough to just understand our customer’s needs, we have to have a much broader understanding.  This is especially true today when Procurement is trying to commoditize everything we do.  Although this skill can seem “basic”, there is almost nothing more important in the role of a SAM than having a “deep” understanding of our prospects and customers.  The “right” knowledge can help us win more often while differentiating ourselves form competition.

Key learnings:

-How to clearly understand “what” broad areas of knowledge we need to learn to have a “deep” understanding of our customers

-How to identify our unique value by not only understanding our “solution fit” but also our compelling “business fit”

-How to quickly gather and analyze data research (the “public” perspective”)

-How to gain a true “insiders” perspective through high impact research meetings (interviews) that follow the “95-5” rule


dan kosch

Co-CEO, IMPAX Sales Performance

Patrick Engkjer
Head of Strategic Accounts, Sanofi
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