Webinar Registration: Utilizing Metrics and Science to Drive Unifying Relationship Actions - Creating High-Wide-Deep Strategic Account/Strategic Supplier Engagement

September 22, 2021 10:00 AM - 11:00 aM   Central Time (US and Canada)

There is a difference between being integrated into a customer’s world as an integrated cross-functional account team and being unified with a customer as one cohesive/cooperative team. Facts and experiences have proven that it has become increasingly more important for strategic accounts and strategic suppliers to establish an even more mutually beneficial relationship. Most, if not all improvement processes, methods and practice innovations are primarily instituted by a one-sided approach through strategic supplier trainings. These trainings are focused on what the strategic supplier needs to do to facilitate a higher-wider-deeper and more mutually beneficial relationship, a one-sided effort to a more complex two-party relationship challenge.

It is now recognized that in this next era of relationship management a more willing, transparent and involved (engaged) customer may be the most critical part of the equation. This webinar will share the metrics (data) and science that when analyzed and applied can guide recommended two-party relationship-building practices. Success for all will ultimately depend on the enlistment of a customer’s leadership, supply chain and procurement teams to re-consider how they define and engage with their strategic suppliers. Answering the question of what each party needs to do.

Key learnings of this session include:
     •Top three metrics and supporting science that drive relationship-building/unifying actions
     •A unification relationship model between strategic accounts and strategic suppliers
     •Methods and practices that will break down traditional buy/sell paradigms
     •The need for greater transparency – what does this imply and require?
     •Importance and role/involvement of each party’s leadership team

Sample templates will be provided to all participants.

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CEO/President, The Chapman Group

Dennis Chapman is a talented and seasoned executive with over 40 years of sales and account management experience. Dennis brings a wealth of expertise in the area's prospect/pipeline management, sales coaching and leadership, customer loyalty/commitment assessments and strategic account management (process, methodologies, skills, and tools/metrics). His metric-based, collaborative approach to working with clients has enable organizations to experience significant and sustainable revenue results in the form of client retention, acquisition and growth.

Dennis started The Chapman Group in 1988 – a sales and account/relationship management effectiveness consulting firm that specializes in optimizing client revenues and relationships. The Chapman Group currently works with organizations across a variety of industries including, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical, Specialty Chemicals, Business Services, Insurance, and Finance, to develop more mutually beneficial relationships with their customers. The Chapman Group is a Strategic Partner of Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA) and a Core 4 CSAM program provider.

Dennis is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts School of Business and prior to starting The Chapman Group held sales and management positions with Xerox, ROLM/IBM and other high-tech firms. He is a former panelist in the Johns Hopkins MBA Capstone Program and a past member of the SAMA Board of Directors.

Over the past 30 years, as the Founder/CEO of The Chapman Group, Dennis has established himself as a thought leader in sales and account management community and has not only been nationally published on the topics of sales, sales leadership, customer feedback/experience management, strategic account management and sales performance metrics, but also speaks globally on these very same topics.


Consultant, Advisor, Coach, Former Cisco Leader at Timberwilde Consulting Group 

Gordon Galzerano is responsible for leading Cisco’s Next Generation Sales and Leadership programs in support 20,000 sellers and sales managers worldwide. With more than 28 years of technology and business experience, he is a strong advocate for applying people development practices and strategies to solve business challenges and improve productivity.

Within Cisco, Galzerano held a variety of sales and operations leadership positions across several of Cisco’s business segments including Global Accounts, Enterprise, Service Provider, Commercial, and Channel segments. He also served as the leader of the Sales Associates Program, overseeing all aspects of an organization designed to integrate “new in career” account managers and systems engineers into Cisco.

Prior to joining Cisco, Galzerano was responsible for Ingram Micro’s northeast sales operations. He is a graduate of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania with a BS degree in Business Administration.

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