Webinar Registration: The Future of KAM

SEPTEMBER 26, 2022 10:00 AM - 11:00 aM   Central Time (US and Canada)

    As Key Account Management adapts to a fast paced digital environment, how do you foresee its future?

    As businesses become more global and complex, the role of strategic account management is evolving. Strategic  account managers are now expected to not only maintain and grow key relationships but also to proactively manage risk and identify new opportunities. In the current business landscape, key account management (KAM) is more important than ever before. As companies strive to increase market share and grow their customer base, they are turning to digital KAM to help them achieve these goals.

    Join Abhijit Gangoli, CEO - DemandFarm, Harvey Dunham, Managing Director, SAMA, Andrew Hazard, Sr. Director GTM Enablement at Contentful and Richard Dunn,Senior Director, Global Account Management at DHL  in a discussion about trends, skills, tools and strategies in the Key Account Management landscape, and what to expect going forward.

     The panelists will discuss what the future of strategic account management looks like, what will be the new set of skills required while discussing some of the insights revealed in the Future of KAM CSO study conducted by DemandFarm.

    Some of the key topics we will cover in the webinar include:

    •What has changed in KAM post-COVID?

    •What are the top contributors to a successful KAM program

    •What are some of the key skills required for effective KAM in the future?

    •How will digital KAM change the selling experience, going forward?

    •What are the kinds of tools important for KAM today and tomorrow?


Abhijit Gangoli,

CEO,  DemandFarm


Managing Director, Strategy and Marketing, SAMA

Andrew Hazard

Sr. Director GTM Enablement, Contentful

Richard Dunn

Senior Director, Global Account Management, DHL

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