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Timing is Everything! Global Service Account Management's Role Early in the Product Life Cycle

October 12, 2022 9:00 AM - 10:00 aM   Central Time (US and Canada)

Coherent Inc. is a global provider of lasers and laser-based technology serving demanding commercial markets like automotive and semiconductor manufacturing. These markets are heavily skewed to post-sale activity with respect to customer satisfaction and company revenue. To meet this need, we created the global service account manager (GSAM) role that, while similar to a traditional GAM role, requires a special understanding of manufacturing, service, logistics and quality.

The Global Service Account Management’s role and engagement early in the product or market life cycle is critical. In this webinar, we will discuss our experience introducing the GSAM role into the automotive manufacturing market.

In addition, we’ll cover:

• Why timing matters

• How to establish relationships, create partnerships and align expectations

• How to tailor your solution’s value across the customer organization

• How to identify key stakeholders (internal and customer) and prioritize activities

• How to leverage enterprise capabilities to differentiate yourself from competitors


Robert c. willard

Senior Manager Global Service Accounts, Coherent, Inc.

Chris miller

Senior Manager, Global Service Markets and Accounts, Coherent, Inc.

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